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About Me
Hi, my name is Masha. I'm a 17 year old student from Eastern Europe, currently residing the United States. 
My love for American Girl dolls began as a child. I adored reading the books, and fell in love with my first doll, Kit. Since then, my passion has expanded and I am the proud owner of 7 AG dolls and countless others. 


My collection compremises Seven AG Dolls (in order of getting them): Kit (2004), Rebecca (2009), Karina/Kanani (2011), Karolina/Caroline (2012); Lanie (2012), Violetta/Molly (2013), Lucia/Emily (2013). 

I also a fan of Gali Girls, 18" Dolls. I have 4 of them; brown hair, brown eyes; red hair, blue eyes; blonde hair, blue eyes; dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes. 

Currently I have one Hearts for Heart Girls, Lillian.